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Description : Here we have an original onsite fight poster from the Pensacola Civic Center, Saturday 9th January 1999 for the WBC/WBA Light/Heavyweight Title between defending champion Roy Jones Jr & the WBC's mandatory number 1 ranked challenger Richard Frazier.

Jones began 1999 by knocking out the WBC number one ranked contender at the time, Rick Frazier. After this, many boxing critics started to criticize Jones for fighting overmatched mandatories who few had ever heard of. Frazier, a New York City police officer, was ranked #1 by the WBC and #3 by the WBA. Jones floored Frazier once in the 1st round and once in the 2nd Jones landed 39 of 92 punches and Frazier connected on only 4 of 29. Lou DiBella, who was a senior vice president at HBO, said WBC president Jose Sulaiman should be "embarrassed" for ranking Frazier #1. "It was disgraceful," DiBella said. "I'm sorry I had to put it on. It was mandatory. I can't tell Roy to give up his title. But the idea that Rick Frazier was #1 in the WBC and #3 in the WBA is ludicrous." Sulaiman later said, "I am embarrassed. I take full responsibility." "It wasn't very satisfying," Jones said of his victory. "I don't pick these guys. He was the #1 contender. It's not my job to tell these people (sanctioning bodies) what to do."

Postage: £10.00 UK Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Excellent/minor edge wear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 24in x 18in
Price : £145.00
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