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Description : Here we have the official Frank Warren promotions onsite boxing fight poster produced for the WBO World Featherweight Championship Title bout at the Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 22nd March 2003.

Reigning & defending featherweight champion Scott Harrison making the 1st defence of his title handed out a brutal hammering to his challenger former WBC Bantamweight boss Wayne McCullough. It was as much a brutal 12 round beat down as you can get. From early on it was obvious this was a one-sided brawl. McCullough was losing. Badly. Beneath a squall of heavy right-handers from the Glaswegian, his eyes had closed up, his lips were splattered. He held his gloves in front of his face in an effort to fend off the blows but he could barely move his arms to make any sort of retaliation.

After 10 rounds of battery, it was amazing McCullough could still stand. But Harrison never relented. He kept punching, kept finding exposed areas of the Ulsterman's face to damage. As the fight dragged on, as McCullough's blood began to pockmark the canvas, it was a disturbing sight which no one could have wished to prolong. It was a horrible noise too, the sound of Harrison's punches landing time and again, of the muffled "noof" McCullough made each time he was hit. And yet nowhere else in sport could you witness such reserves of bravery. McCullough simply refused to go down.

Everyone wanted it to end. They wanted the referee to step in, or Harrison to apply the final punch, or McCullough to crumble. But he wouldn't. Somewhere operating above the pain was the determination that a record as yet unblemished by a knockout defeat should remain. And pride won out. McCullough, though totally defeated, went the distance. Judges scored the bout; 119-109; 119-108; 120-108; all in favour of the champion Scott Harrison.

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