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Description : Here we have a fantastic super-rare, mega huge 40in x 60in official Matchroom Promotions arena billboard poster for the 1st Nigel Benn vs. Chris Eubank showdown, billed as "Who's Fooling Who" at the NEC arena Birmingham, England on 18th November, 1990.

The whole nation waited with baited breath for his titanic domestic showdown between two of the brashest fighters to ever enter a UK ring. Nigel Benn vs. Chris Eubank fought at middleweight and super middleweight around the same time (1985-1997), and became rivals on both the domestic and world boxing scene. Benn won his first 22 consecutive bouts by knockout, earning the moniker 'the Dark Destroyer'. Eubank was the cocky, flamboyant upstart who began calling out Benn after his tenth bout. The rivalry grew, with both men swearing that they would knock the other man out. The British public began to demand the fight to be made.

Benn entered the ring like a caged tiger, furiously shadow boxing and clearly exhilarated. The men posed in a scene that would be replayed countless times over the years on television, Eubanks gloves touching and baleful gaze, and Benn's expression of pure hatred and loathing. The bell rang to begin the fight.

Benn stalked the challenger at furious pace, Each punch was thrown with evil intent, and commentator Dave Brennar called the fight 'Grand Prix stuff so far'. In the fourth round, Eubank took a ferocious right uppercut to the chin when breaking from a clinch. The blow caused him to bite his tongue, leaving a severe gash which led to copious amounts of blood being swallowed. Eubank hid this evidence from his corner, afraid of a doctor stoppage. Even the commentators were getting carried away. Jim McDonnell made no attempt at professionalism when exclaiming; "JESUS, look at that right hand!" Benn's eye was swollen shut by the fifth round, and in the sixth Eubank began throwing shots at Benn who was covering up on the ropes. Benn caught Eubank with a low blow, and with no points deducted used his advantage by pounding Eubank's body. Eubank fought back in the seventh, and with scores fairly even the fighters began the eighth round.

A more wary Benn now sought to catch Eubank with flashing overhand shots followed by short hooks. Eubank was trapped in the corner when an overhand right caught him on top of the head, and down he went. He was up quickly, claiming it was a slip, but took the eight count regardless from Richard Steele. Eubank finished the round strongly and posed and preened between the rounds. The ninth was an even round until Eubank missed with a right and Benn caught him with a left hook which landed on the unbalanced Eubank's rear, sending him down. Standing up, Eubank circled Benn before releasing a left right combination, and a left hook which staggered Benn (Barry McGuigan commentated: "This is it! It's the end!"). Benn survived the flurry and clinched, but a straight right from Eubank sent him into a corner, and Steele stepped in to end the flurry with five seconds left of round nine, ending what he called; "The most dramatic fight I've ever refereed". The fight is still considered a classic to this day.

Postage: 10.00 Parcel Force... 20.00 International registered airmail.

Condition : Good / minor handling*surface*edgewear*Fold Lines.
Size : 60in x 40in
Price : £300.00
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