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Description : Mega scarce vintage onsite fight poster designed by the legendary sports poster artist Luigi Castiglioni & sponsored by PARIS MATCH for the WBC world middleweight title. Palais des expositions, Paris, France. 30th November 1974.

Rodrigo Valdes of Columbia, slugging while his bloodied opponent stood with his hands dangling by his sides, scored a disputed 11th round knockout over Gratien Tonna of France and retained the WBC middleweight championship. Tonna's handlers said that the punches which felled Tonna came while Belgian referee Jean Deswert was separating the two fighters after checking Tonna's bleeding right cheekbone. Tonna took a count of 10 on his knees. He insisted afterward that his corner told him to stay down."

"The referee said break. I moved back. I dropped my guard and the other guy hit me with three fast shots. When I went down I wasn't hurt. The guys in my corner said, 'Stay down. You are world champion. You'll get the DQ.'" -Gratien Tonna

"Tonna was trying to force a DQ. He had all the time in the world to get up. It was a knockout. Valdes won the fight cleanly." -Referee Jean Deswert

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Condition : Good*minor handling*surface*edgewear*framed for display only*
Size : 30.5in x 23in
Price : £400.00
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