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Description : Here we have an original full-size HBO boxing closed circuit fight poster for the WBO world featherweight championship title bout held at the M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, England, 4th October 1999.

In April 1999, he inked a contract to fight the then British featherweight champion, Paul “The Yorkshire Hunter” Ingle, in the 12th defense of his WBO title at Manchester’s MEN Arena. Paul Ingle was also a genuine and unbeaten challenger, boasting tremendous conditioning, an exceptional work rate, competitive fire and a fighting style built around fast-handed punch volume. A resume, that on paper at least, was tailor made to fracture the natural Hamed rhythm, making Ingle a threat and at least guaranteeing a terrific civil war.This was the biggest night of Paul Ingle’s career in every way. “The Yorkshire Hunter” entered the arena through a screen bearing his name, shot with bullet holes of light. Emerging shaven headed and dressed in his usual camouflage trunks and robe with a matching team, he appeared calm, focused and ready for what he himself would describe beforehand as a likely “bloody good scrap.”

Ingle was floored in round one, a terrible start resulting from a scything left to the body followed by a clip to the head that chopped him down for a few seconds. But it seemed to remove more in the way of confidence than his senses. Quickly flipping back to his feet, he rallied well to survive a bludgeoning opener against one of the most fearful punchers that boxing has ever seen. It was round six that again saw Ingle take a count on his knees after shipping another sickly body shot. He did well to rise and rally. But the fight was beginning to slip away on the scorecards as the cumulative effect of Hamed’s fists began to tell and Ingle’s lack of power became more evident. Though he remained industrious and certainly competitive.

Ingle’s durability was ultimately the defining issue of the contest. Unlike the granite McCullough, he couldn’t absorb the brutal punching and finally succumbed to a short jolting left hook to the temple in round 11. He melted to the canvas, head bouncing, arms spread-eagled in knocked out submission where he was counted out.

These HBO & Showtime PPV posters are not made available for public consumption & can only be sourced from a participating PPV outlet hence the scarcity as once the televised event if over, then these posters go straight to skip.

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Condition : Excellent/minor handling*edgewear,framed 4 display only!
Size : 40in x 27in
Price : £125.00
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