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Description : Here we have an original full-size Top Rank Boxing closed circuit pay-per-view poster for the Oscar De La Hoya Welterweight title defence against Ghana's granite tough Ike 'Bazooka' held at the Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas.

Oscar De La Hoya tried to figure out what to do against Ike Quartey for 11 rounds. And then in the 12th round, teetering on the brink of defeat and on the verge of losing his WBC welterweight title, De La Hoya did what he should have done all along. He went after Quartey, in that last round, De La Hoya threw 69 punches in the three minutes, knocking Quartey down with one (a sharp left hook to the jaw 12 seconds into the round) It was enough to give De La Hoya (30-0) a split decision over Quartey (34-1-1). Quartey wasn't as battered as De La Hoya, who kept his World Boxing Council welterweight title, but he will be hurting for a while. He will probably spend the rest of his career kicking himself for losing a fight that he could have easily won. Thanks to his jab, Quartey was able to take most of the early rounds of the fight and keep De La Hoya off balance, even decking Oscar in the 6th. But after the sixth round, what little offense Quartey managed in the early rounds completely disappeared. And then in the 12th round, De La Hoya came out and battered Quartey, dropping him for the second time in the fight and securing a split decision over Quartey, the former WBA welterweight champion.

Quartey said, ''He didn't do anything, I did everything. He came to survive. That's what he did. He knew if he survived for 12 rounds, he'd win the decision.'' ''You know I won the fight, but you knew I couldn't win a decision in Las Vegas.''

Judge Larry O'Connell of Hartley, England, scored it 115-114 for Quartey, but the other two judges scored it for De La Hoya -- Ken Morita of Sapporo, Japan, by 116-112 and John Keane of Northants, England, by 116-113.

These HBO & Showtime PPV posters are not made available for public consumption & can only be sourced from a participating PPV outlet hence the scarcity as once the televised event if over, then these posters go straight to skip.

Postage: £10.00 UK Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Very Good/Minor handling wear/framed 4 display only!
Size : 40in x 27in
Price : £75.00
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