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Description : Here we have a vintage official Don King & Top Rank promotions closed circuit poster from that infamous night when Roberto Duran just walked out of the ring in the 8th round handing his hard won WBC Welterweight Crown back to Leonard. A Mystery till this very day!

After beating the undefeated Leonard in June of 1980, it was highly publicized that Duran was partying, drinking and eating as if New Year’s eve were a 3 month holiday. Having defeated the fighter who was the darling of the America media, Roberto was relishing the sweet taste of victory like he never had before. Duran's tenacity during the first Leonard bout was incredible and only rivaled by "Smokin" Joe Frazier's refusal to be denied during his first meeting with the superstar of the 1960's and 1970's, Muhammad Ali.

The rematch took place at the New Orleans Superdome five months and five days after the first fight. Everybody saw from the onset of the second bout that Leonard wasn't going to be lured into a street fight with Duran this time. He used the whole ring to avoid Duran and had Duran following and chasing him all over the ring. After seven rounds Leonard was leading on the scorecards 68-66 twice and 67-66. I had it 4-3 Leonard in rounds watching it live on closed circuit. It wasn't as if Duran was being taken apart by Leonard after seven rounds and the fight was still up for grabs. Leonard was having a good eighth round and landed some body shots and counter rights to Roberto's head, not to mention he was at his showboating piss taking best. Then with 15 seconds left in the round Duran turned his back and waved Leonard off with his right hand and quit the fight, thus handing Leonard an eighth round TKO victory.

Duran was allegedly to have said 'No Mas' No more box to the referee, but he's always claimed he never said that! It was a media creation by american commentator Howard Cossel. Duran has always claimed he said: "No quiero pelear con el payaso." (Meaning, "I do not want to fight with this clown.")

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Condition : Excellent for age / 4 pin holes / Framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 22in x 14in
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