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Mike Tyson on Tyrell Biggs' complaining about low blows:

"Low Blows? Low Blows? HUH! Mutherfucker you're Fittin' to die!"

"He was screaming like my wife."

"I could have knocked him out in the 3rd round but I wanted to do it slowly, so he would remember this night for a long time."

Mike Tyson

Autograph Certificate:

First & Foremost we do not subscribe to issuing:

1)All Singing! All Dancing! Gold Star Embossed! Holograms! “Coats of Arms” Adorned Certificates! None of the above frivolous nonsense means an item is genuine and has always in our opinion often been employed as a smokescreen.

2) What you get from KOfightposters is a letter of Authenticy which is clear & plain. A legally binding cast iron guarantee as to the authenticity of the autographed item supplied by us.

3) Any tampering with, or alteration of the LOA makes the said under-signed guarantee NULL & VOID!

4) There will be no re-issuing of the LOA if lost or destroyed after 12 months from date of issue when photo file is deleted.

5) A re-issue of any LOA within 12 month time frame will only be considered with said item returned for verification by original proof of purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS!

6) Each & every signed boxing item offered here that has not been obtained personally are thoroughly scrutinized before being purchased by ourselves before being given any consideration for a place on our website regardless of said autograph being sourced from trusted & respected bona-fide collector/dealers. No one is perfect & even the most sharp of my collector friends have been the victims of the unscrupulous in the past, myself included back in the day, when I was a lot younger & more trusting & never thought for a moment that I could be the easy victim of a forger & trusted friend.

7) I’ve been a collector for near on 25 years & one thing I’ve noticed is what many seem to miss, is that signatures change over the years & especially when that said athlete has achieved global prominence and is in great demand the pressures to alter & make the public signature more concise is overwhelming. I’ll be showing you 2 very clear examples of this at the bottom of the page with regard to two Official Limited Edition VIP High Roller posters that I had signed by Oscar De La Hoya & the stark difference in the PRIVATE signature for myself & the public signature done for my American friend which is the standard everyday signature that Oscar now employs for the fans is nothing short of a hair bleed.

8) All signatures are compared with examples I’ve got personally that I’ve collected over the years of dealing and collecting boxing memorabilia juxtaposed with those from trusted collectors & up to date public signings. Each autograph will come with a letter of authenticity from KOfightposters.com If an item we sell has a letter of authenticity or one of those eBay $10.00 appraisal 3rd party merchants or from anyone else we will mention this on our “More Info” page & it will be sold with the item albeit that it’s pretty much worthless as the one & only legal Bona-Fide Letter of Guarantee is from KOfightposters.com

9) I do not recognize or will ever recognize so called third party expert authenticators who in my opinion along with other respected collectors view them as worse that useless & down right criminal in some cases. They have appeared out of the blue all due to the fact that modern day auction sites are a forger’s heaven & some sort of 3rd party was required to deter the unscrupulous forger. But as the old saying goes: The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions! Any purchaser desiring an opinion from these so called experts should obtain it before making the purchase from KOfightposters, as I said, I’ll not tolerate for one moment the opinion of some $10.00 an opinion American baseball card authenticator geek sat with a rolodex in front of him holding court over any item on my site. If you’d rather take the word of one of these clowns over mine then that’s your prerogative, I'll not lose any sleep over it.

10) No refund will be granted because an autograph sold by KOfightposters.com has been rejected or granted a “no opinion” by any third party authenticator. Unlike these experts I have no expertise to authenticate rugby players, football players, cricket players, hockey players, world leaders, prime ministers, movie stars, crime figures, literary figures, snooker players, astronauts, NASA scientists, inventors, the rich and famous, rock and roll singers, jazz singers, opera singers, song writers, civil rights leaders, historical figures or real estate moguls. I cannot authenticate Mother Teresa, Vlad the Impaler, Margaret Thatcher, Al Capone, Charles Dickens, Pele, David Beckham, Genghis Khan, Werner Von Braun, Winston Churchill, Moses, Adolf Hitler, Florence Nightingale, Shirley Temple, William the Conqueror or the Seven Samurai. My only expertise is boxing. I do know that a purported signature of Floyd Mayweather Jr on a picture of Manny Pacquiao is likely not a signed photograph of Floyd Mayweather Jr. I do take extra care & attention to the history behind each autograph sold. Please review this policy carefully and review each signature carefully before buying.

No exceptions will be made in regard to this policy.



MGM Grand Official Limited Edition VIP/High Rollers Poster.

Checkout the difference in both Oscar De La Hoya signatures!
Both posters were signed 10 minutes apart at the final Floyd Mayweather/Victor Ortiz presser!
The Left Hand poster was signed in Private & the Right Hand in Public!
As explained in the 2nd paragraph, the difference between signatures employed can be extreme.

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