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Me and Jake LaMotta grew up in the same neighbourhood.
You wanna know how popular Jake was?
When we played hide 'n' seek, nobody ever looked for LaMotta.

Rocky Graziano

Boxing News

Gennady Golovkin defeats Willie Monroe Jr and scores 20th-straight knockout
Saturday 16th May 2015
Gennady Golovkin - one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and easily its most exciting continued his dominance of the middleweight division with a knockout of underdog Willie Monroe Jr at the Forum in Inglewood, California on Saturday. Now 33-0, it was his 20th straight knockout.

In round two, Golvokin threw several powerful hooks. A perfectly-timed left took down Monroe. He got up. Then a right sank him. Monroe got up again but from there on the American did'nt seem in complete control of his legs. I got off my game-plan when I got caught with a good shot, said Monroe. I was getting hit in the kidneys and the hips and I couldn't feel my legs. Monroe fought bravely, and even landed some nice combinations on wobbly legs, but the Kazakh was toying with him, trying to get in some extra rounds before he finished his opponent. I didn't want an easy round or an easy fight, said Golovkin.

In rounds three through five Monroe said he kept going because he was thinking about his grandfather, who inspired him to be a boxer. But then in the sixth, Golovkin hit Monroe with rapid, powerful hooks, uppercuts, and crosses. Every punch seemed to land. Monroe went down against the ropes. The referee asked him if he wanted to continue. I'm done, said Monroe.

After Golovkin has pulverized a challenger, he talks about the opponent being a good boy and how he likes to create a big drama show for the fans. The crowd laughs. They chant, Triple G! The nicest guy in the arena is also the toughest. It was no different against Monroe (19-2), a southpaw, who came into the fight prepared to shock the world but left as yet another victim. Willie is a real good fighter. I respect him because he is not scared. I wanted to show my fans how I can beat any style.

In the co-feature, flyweight world champion Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez also one of boxing pound-for-pound best made his HBO debut against Mexican Edgar Sosa, a former junior flyweight titleholder. The exciting Nicaraguan made quick work of Sosa, downing him three times in round two. After the third knockdown, the referee intervened for the TKO. Chocolatito, who some call mini-Golovkin, hit his opponent with a dizzying barrage of combinations to end the fight. Afterwards, Sosa said every blow hurt. He endured 57 power punches before succumbing.
Bob Arum threatens to end Manny Pacquiao fighting career at the MGM Grand Garden Arena
Friday 11th April 2014
Promoter Bob Arum has hinted in the strongest possible terms that he will be packing Manny Pacquiao's career into a suitcase and vacating the MGM Grand Hotel in future. The veteran Top Rank Inc. promoter, in his eighties, also called on Filipinos to boycott the hotel resort, which is hosting the rematch between Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley expected to gross upwards of $60 million dollars.

Saturday will mark the 10th occasion that Pacquiao, an idol in The Philippines, will have fought at the MGM Grand Hotel. The dispute is over the hotel resort's patent refusal, as Arum sees it, for recognising fully that Pacquiao is fighting Timothy Bradley there on Saturday night. Instead, the venue was plastered with Floyd Mayweather posters.

Arum launched a diatribe aimed at the MGM Grand's hierarchy for its failure to publicise the fight with Bradley to the promoter's liking, instead leaving posters of Floyd Mayweather throughout the venue publicising his May 3 contest with Argentinian Marcos Maidana.

Arum said: "The chairman, Jim Mirren said, 'I'm coming over, I'm going to make them change every sign'. But they didn't. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. They doubled the Mayweather signs. And every Filipino, every person who feels that way ought to boycott the MGM forever."

"I am very angry," added Arum. "MGM ought to be ashamed of themselves. They invited us in here, they wanted us to do an event, we're practically done selling tickets and all over this facility they're putting up signs for a Mayweather fight.

"And they justify it because he can't sell a ticket because nobody wants to buy tickets for a fight that is pre-ordained as a 15-1 fight. So, as far as I'm concerned, the MGM can stuff it. We're not coming back here.

"We're not doing any more fights here. It's a reason why other American gaming companies like the Sands, the Wynn far exceed the MGM which struggles to pay its debts because there is no leadership here. They don't know what they're doing.

"To have people who are in the hotel who should be supporting us and working with us advertising another fight is absolutely unconscionable. But there will be a comeuppance. I guarantee it."
KOfightposters Reloaded
Thursday 6th February 2014
OK Fight fans. It's been 2 long years since the original site got hacked to pieces & after a tortuous 2 long years & 7 web designers later we are finally back, all thanks too Steve Perrins at SCP Computers who brought this site back to life. Where all others failed in a most miserable manner to replicate the old site, Steve rode to the rescue & here we are. It's going to take about 3 months for all the posters to be loaded up as we've got to re-shoot the whole lot all over again & it'll number about 800+ posters. If there is any particular fighter you are interested in then drop us a line & we'll dig down into the outstanding poster tube mountain to try & locate what you are after.........Jack Brown
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