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Mike Tyson Quotes

"I don't try to inimidate anybody before a fight.
That's nonsence.

I intimidate people by hitting them."


Mike Tyson

100 Famous & Infamous Mike Tyson Boxing Quotations.

"A man that is a friend to everyone is an enemy to himself."

1) Mike Tyson Quote; on Friendship.

"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Then, like a rat, they stop in fear and freeze."

2) Mike Tyson Quote; on Boxing.

"I can't change myself. I'm Mike Tyson. I'm a regular kid from the getto striving to do something positive with myself. I happen to fight well."

3) Mike Tyson Quote; on himself.

"I just love to fight. I like to hurt people. I haven't lost that. I didn't lose it when I first got a bit of wealth and I haven't lost it now. The nature of my business is to hurt people."

4) Mike Tyson Quote; on his fight philosophy.

"I always try to catch them right on the tip of the nose because I try to push the bone into the brain. I wanted to catch the guy and put him out with a punch cold, so I would have no complaints."

5) Mike Tyson; after knocking out Jesse Ferguson.

"I hope I can improve. I'm far from perfect. Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if I fought myself. I think it would be a one-round KO. But if I was fighting myself, I know I could take my best punch. No, make that two rounds. I would knock myself out in two rounds."

6) Mike Tyson; on the ultimate dream fight.

"I was in handcuffs. I was under arrest. I remember there was this old lady looking at me, and I could tell she felt real sorry for me, and she did'nt know but all I wanted to do was take her purse."

7) Mike Tyson; recalling an episode in his youth.

"For this fight my blood, my soul, everything was on the line."

8) Mike Tyson; on taking the WBC title from Trevor Berbick.

"Every punch I threw with bad intentions to a vital area…I aimed for his ear…I wanted to bust his eardrum…Every punch had bad intentions…My record will last for immortality, It'll never be broken…I want to live forever…I refuse to lose…I would have to be carried out dead to lose...I was coming to destroy and win the Heavyweight Championship of the World, which I done."

9) Mike Tyson; after blowing away Trevor Berbick in 2 rounds.


"I can sell out Madison Square Garden mastubating"

10) Mike Tyson Quote; on Boxing

"What really amazed me was when I sent a suit out for cleaning, forgetting that $700 was in the pocket. They sent the suit back to me. If that happened in New York, both money and suit would be gone."

11) Mike Tyson Quote; on the Japanese.

"I'am not predictor of fights, but I know when I hit 'em good, the fight is close to an end"

12) Mike Tyson Quote; on Boxing

"There's no way I would want to hurt him or bust him up. That's why, for the sake of the family as well as himself, I will take him out in the opening round."

13) Mike Tyson Quote; on Frank Bruno.

"He didn't have no respect as a professional fighter should, no class. I was going to make him pay with his health for everything he said… I wanted to do it very slowly. I wanted him to remember this for a long time."

14) Mike Tyson Quote; on beating Tyrell Biggs.

"Low Blows? Low Blows? HUH! Mutherfucker you're fittin' to die!"

15) Mike Tyson Quote; on Tyrell Biggs complaining about low blows.

"I just want them to keep bringing guys on and I'am going to strip them of their health. I bring pain a lot of pain"

16) Mike Tyson Quote; on Opponants.

"I could have knocked him out in the 3rd round but I wanted to do it slowly, So he would remember this night for a long time."

17) Mike Tyson Quote; on the Tyrell Biggs fight.

"My power is discombobutingly devastating, I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It's ludicrous these mortal's even attempt to enter my realm"

18) Mike Tyson Quote; on Opponants.

"How dare these boxers challenge me with their primative skills? It makes me angry. They're just as good as dead"

19) Mike Tyson Quote.


"He was screaming like my wife."

20) Mike Tyson Quote; on the Tyrell Biggs fight.

"Destroy or be destroyed! I just love that way of life!"

21) Mike Tyson Quote; on Life.

"I want to rip out his heart and feed it to Lennox Lewis. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children"

22) Mike Tyson Quote; on Lennox Lewis.

"When I fight someone I want to break his will. I want to take his manhood. I want to rip out his heart and show it to him."

23) Mike Tyson Quote; on Opponants.

"You can't stay married in a situation where you are afraid to go to sleep in case your wife might cut your throat."

24) Mike Tyson Quote; on Marriage.

"I ain't the same person I was when I bit that guy's ear off"

25) Mike Tyson Quote; reflecting on past misdemeaners.

"I feel like sometimes I was not meant for this society."

26) Mike Tyson Quote; on Life.

"I'm not Mother Teresa, but I'm not Charles Manson, either"

27) Mike Tyson Quote; on Himself.

"I just do what I do best, and that’s fight. I love it"

28) Mike Tyson Quote.

"Anyone with a grain of sence would know that if I punched my wife I would rip her head off. It's all lies. I have never laid a finger on her"

29) Mike Tyson Quote.


"I've lived places these guys can't deficate in."

30) Mike Tyson Quote.

"Real freedom is having nothing. I was freer when I did'nt have a cent"

31) Mike Tyson Quote; on Life.

"I can inspire people on how to use money, how to get economically powerful."

32) Mike Tyson Quote.

"I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."

33) Mike Tyson Quote.

"There's no one perfect. ... Jimmy Swaggart is a lascivious creature, Mike Tyson is lascivious - but we're not criminally, at least I'm not, criminally lascivious. You know what I mean. I may like to fornicate more than other people - it's just who I am. I sacrifice so much of my life, can I at least get laid? I mean, I been robbed of my most of my money, can I at least get a blowjob without the people wanting to harass me and wanting to throw me in jail?"

34) Mike Tyson Quote; on Life.

"I'm just happy I'm not a phoney."

35) Mike Tyson Quote; on Himself.

"My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am to sensitive a person"

36) Mike Tyson Quote; on Himself.

"I'm the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don't believe it, check my cash register"

37) Mike Tyson Quote; on Boxing.

"The drug dealers, they sympathize with me. They see me as some sort of pathetic character."

38) Mike Tyson Quote; on Himself.

"Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the street and beg for quarters"

39) Mike Tyson Quote.


" I love to hit people I love to."

40) Mike Tyson Quote.

"I know how hard it is to be a woman, especially a black woman."

41) Mike Tyson Quote.

"I have the same malice in my heart as far as the fight game is concerned. I won't say anything a dignified man won't say."

42) Mike Tyson Quote.

"I'm just like you. I enjoy the forbidden fruits in life, too"

43) Mike Tyson Quote; on Life.

"I know I'm going to blow one day. My life is doomed the way it is. I have no future"

44) Mike Tyson Quote.

"When you see me smash somebody's skull you enjoy it"

45) Mike Tyson Quote.

" I just have this thing inside me that wants to eat and conquer. Maybe it's egotistical, But I have it in me. I don't want to be a Tycoon. I just want to conquer people and their souls"

46) Mike Tyson the Grim-Reaper.

" I was hoping he would get up so I could hit him again and keep him down"

47) Mike Tyson Quote.

"One of my friends once saw another guy's [criminal] record and said, 'Look, this guy is a born troublemaker, just a loser' I had to tell him, 'No, that's my record - and it doesn't include my juvenile history"

48) Mike Tyson Quote.

" I did my time for rape. I paid my money to Las Vegas. I paid my dues"

49) Mike Tyson Quote.


"I think I'll take a bath in his blood"

50) Mike Tyson Quote; on an Opponant.

" As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want"

51) Mike Tyson Quote.

" He called me a 'Rapist' and a 'Recluse'. I'm not a 'Recluse!"

52) Mike Tyson Quote.

" My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious! I want your heart! I want to eat your children! Praise be to Allah!"

53) Mike Tyson Quote.

" One morning I woke up and found my favorite pigeon, Julius, had died I was devastated. I was gonna use his crate as my stickball bat to honour him. I left the crate on my stoop and went inside to get something and I returned to see the sanitation man put the crate into the crusher. I rushed him and caught him flush on the temple with a titanic right hand. He was out cold, convulsing on the floor like some infantile retard"

54) Mike Tyson Quote.

" All praise to Allah, I'll fight any man, any animal, if Jesus were here I'd fight him too"

55) Mike Tyson Quote.

" I'm on the zoloft to keep from killing y'all"

56) Mike Tyson Qoute.

" I don't want to be grotesque, but when you're 330 pounds, it's hard to wipe your ass. You know?"

57) Mike Tyson Quote.

" I just don't have the desire no more, I don't have the stomach to do it no more. I don't even kill insects in my house. I just don't kill anything no more. I used to kill pigeons, rip their heads off, 'You dirty rat pigeon!' I don't even have the heart to kill an animal no more. I just changed my whole life in general. That probably could have changed the way I fight"

58) Mike Tyson Quote.

" This white woman came up to me, and I'm thinking, WOW. When I was a kid, she would have been robbed and raped and left for dead. This is a real strange scenario, and I just wanted to cry. I'm like, "Who am I? Where's my heritage?"

59) Mike Tyson, on Life.


" I guess I'm gonna fade into Bolivian"

60) Mike Tyson Quote.

" I'm in trouble because I'm normal and slightly arrogant. A lot of people don't like themselves but I happen to be totally in love with myself"

61) Mike Tyson Quote.

" You [Razor Ruddock] are sweet. I'm going to make sure you kiss me good with those big lips. I'm gonna make you my girlfriend"

62) Mike Tyson Quote.

" Glen Rice is a wonderful man. He's a wonderful guy, but you want her to be with somebody like [Dennis] Rodman getting up in there. Pushing her guts up into the back of her head"

63) Mike Tyson, on Sarah Palin.

" These books ain't window dressing. I think Machiavelli's the most sophisticated writer outside of Shakespeare. Way ahead of his time. Such a manipulative person. Everything he accomplished he did by kissin' ass"

64) Mike Tyson, on literiture.

" That's all they said was wrong with me?"

65) Mike Tyson on his Mental State when diagnosed with Depression.

" I normally don't do interviews with woman unless I fornicate with them. So you should'nt talk anymore…unless you want to, you know"

66) Mike Tyson to a female journalist.

" If he doesn't die, it doesn't count. If he's not dead, it doesn't count"

67) Mike Tyson, on fighting Razor Ruddock.

" I was hittin' him with body punches and I hurt him. Actually he was cryin' in there, makin' woman gestures like"

68) Mike Tyson, commenting after the Tyrell Biggs beat down in the post fight presser.

" I want someone to attack me. No weapons. Just me and him. I like to beat men and beat them bad"

69) Mike Tyson, on Celebrity fear of attack.


" I'm going to gut you like a fish"

70) Mike Tyson Quote; on an Opponant.

"HE TOLD ME ALL THOSE WHITE mutherfuckers no good they ain't mutherfuckers, there out to kill us all there gonna put us in the holocaust and fry us like they do the jews, we gotta fight these mutherfuckers. Oh! He told me some good shit………and I started believing that shit, they hate us, you know, I played into that stuff"

71) Mike Tyson, on being bewitched by Don King.

" A wretched, slimy, reptillian mutherfucker. This is supposed to be my 'black brother' right? He's just a bad man, a real bad man. He would kill his own mother for a dollar. He's ruthless, he's deplorable, he's greedy, and he dosen't know how to love anybody.

72) Mike Tyson on Don King.

" The tempt for greatness is the biggest drug in the world.

73) Mike Tyson on Life.

" WITHOUT DISCIPLINE, no matter how good you are, you are nothing! One day I might not be around, you're going to meet a tough guy who takes your best shot. He'll keep coming because he's tough. Don't get discouraged. That's when the discipline comes in"

74) Mike Tyson on Life.

"FEAR is your best friend or your worst enemy. It's like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you, it can heat your house. If you can't control it, It will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert. Like a deer coming accross the lawn"

75) Mike Tyson on Life.

" YES, time flies. And where did it leave you? Old to soon…smart to late.

76) Mike Tyson on Life.

"Not to be egotistical, but I don't think there is a man on the planet who can beat me.."

77) Mike Tyson, on Boxing.

" I wish one of y'all guys had children so I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp them on the testicles so you can feel the pain. Cuz that's the pain I have waking up every day.

78) Mike Tyson, on suffering.

"I'm addicted to perfection. Problem with my life is I was always also addicted to chaos.

79) Mike Tyson, on himself.


"I'm a nutcase, but that is what I believe"

80) Mike Tyson Quote; on Himself.

"One minute I'm robbing a dope house. Next minute I'm the youngest heavyweight champion of the world. I'm only 20, 19, with a lot of money. Who am I? What am I? I don't even know who I am. I'm just a dumb child who's being abused and robbed by lawyers. I'm just a dumb pugnacious fool. I'm just a fool who thinks he's someone. Then you tell me I should be responsible"

81) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I'm a good friend, but I'm a hell of an enemy. As your enemy, I want your demise. When I feel that in my heart it burns till I die"

82) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I've been a prima-donna. I was taken care of since I was 13. That's why I am the way I am today. I was spoiled, like a brat. I had anything I wanted. That's crazy to be that way all your life. Everybody's taking care of you, but manipulating you at the same time. Very few people have a life like that. Most people have to work like slaves their whole lives. I've never had a job in my life. What I know how to do is hurt big, tough men — in the street and off"

83) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"People say 'Poor guy.' That insults me. I despise sympathy. So I screwed up. I made some mistakes. 'Poor guy,' like I'm some victim. There's nothing poor about me"

84) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"People are trying to force me to redeem (myself) — certain women, certain mentors. Nobody's going to change me. I'm going to fight that. You can't change me; you can't tame me. When you say that, I'm going to bite you even harder. I'm more ferocious, more complicated. I'm not going to let anybody win a popularity contest off my conduct. You have to understand. It is a pervasive (belief) that I'm an animal — undomesticated as well. But regardless of the bizarre (stuff) I've done, I'm a very rational individual. But everybody still thinks I'm crazy and stupid because that's what they want to believe"

85) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"You guys have written so much bad stuff about me I can't remember the last time I fucked a decent woman. I have to go with strippers and 'ho's' and bitches because you put that image on me"

86) Mike Tyson, on the media.

"I think the average person thinks I'm a fucking nut and I deserve whatever happens to me"

87) Mike Tyson, on his fans.

"[Cus D'Amato] told me, 'You're the type of guy who has to be hurt to learn.' I'm pissed off today because he was right about everything"

88) Mike Tyson, on reflecting on Cus D'Amato.

"I'm just a dark guy from a den of iniquity. A dark shadowy figure from the bowels of iniquity. I wish I could be Mike who gets an endorsement deal. But you can't make a lie and a truth go together. This country wasn't built on moral fiber. This country was built on rape, slavery, murder, degradation and affiliation with crime"

89) Mike Tyson, on America.


"It's nothing personal, but I'm going to kill this guy"

90) Mike Tyson, 1990 on Boxing.

"Don't be surprised if I behave like a savage. I am a savage"

91) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I’m just trying to change my life because I’m not above killing any drug dealer for money"

92) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"Cus was my father but he was more than a father. You can have a father and what does it mean?—it doesn't really mean anything. Cus was my backbone . . . . He did everything for my best interest . . . . We'd spend all our time together, talk about things that, later on, would come back to me. Like about character, and courage. Like the hero and the coward: that the hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It's the same thing, fear, but it's what you do with it that matters"

93) Mike Tyson, at 20, reflecting on Cus D'Amato.

"My life's not tragic at all. How many guys do you know who are bankrupt and just bought a $3 million house and are getting ready to get $6 million more?"

94) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I didn't know how to be any other way. I felt like one of those barbarian kings just coming to conquer the Roman Empire"

95) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I'm just a sucker even talking to you guys. I should be ready to rip your heads off your necks. But it's just not the right thing to do"

96) Mike Tyson, on the media.

"Most of my fans are too sensitive. I’m a cruel and cold and hard person. I’ve been abused in every way you can imagine. Save your tears. I lost my sensitivity. You embarrass me when you cry"

97) Mike Tyson, on his fans.

"This is a weird feeling in my life I have to deal with, not being a violent man anymore when my whole life's reputation was built on being extremely violent. I just don't know how to deal with that right now. I don't even go to strip clubs no more. I don't know who I am sometimes, but I am not the guy I used to be. I'm not an angel or anything. I'm still lascivious, periodically. I'm just looking for some balance in my life"

98) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"I don't know that person anymore, that guy in '86, '87. I don't know that guy no more. I don't have no affinity for that guy no more. I have no affinity for the guy who said, 'I am the greatest fighter God produced.' I have no affinity for the guy who said he would try to push his [opponent's] nose bone up into his brain. I just don't know that guy. I don't know who he is. I don't know where he came from. I don't have no kind of connection with him no more"

99) Mike Tyson, on himself.

"Sarah Palin met the wombshifter! Old Sarah and the wombshifter"

100) Mike Tyson, on Sarah Palin - U.S Politician.

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