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Description : Here we have an original onsite main event poster for the World Heavyweight Championship, Madison Square Garden New York City. 29th April 2000

American challenger Michael Grant started the fight full of fistic confidence taking the fight to the champion, but things quickly went downhill rapid for the challenger. Just past the midway point of the first round, Lewis was able to land a strong right hand to the top of Grant's head that sent Grant down. Grant was able to get back up at the count of eight, but was clearly hurt from the blow and quickly found himself in more trouble as Lewis continued his aggressive assault. As the second minute came to an end, Lewis landed four consecutive rabbit punches that went unpenalized and sent Grant staggering into the corner where the ropes prevented him falling to ground, though referee Arthur Mercante Jr. still counted it as the knockdown. With Grant now on jelly legs, Lewis continued to land bombs on the hapless Grant and with 13 seconds left in the round Lewis hit Grant with a leftright combination that sent Grant to the canvas for the third time in the round. Though Lewis had seemingly done enough to score the knockout victory, Grant just managed to get back up as the round ended. Lewis started the 2nd round in full killer mode in thee attempt to obtain the knockout victory over the hurt American challenger, but after being unable to nail his man, Lewis resorted to the more patient approach. With 23 seconds left in the round, Lewis was finally able to end the bout when he detonated a trademark right uppercut that sent Grant crashing to the canvas. Grant attempted to get back up, but failed to make the referee's count, giving Lewis the knockout victory at 2:53 of the second round.

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