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Description : Here we have one of the holy grails of boxing posters. A super rare vintage Budweiser official fight sponsors closed circuit poster from one of the most momentous nights in boxing history. The night the great Roberto Duran turned back the clock when he smashed the crap out of defending WBA Light/Middleweight champion Davey Moore.

The WBA title bout took place at Madison Square Garden on June 16, 1983, which also happened to be Duran's 32nd birthday. The still somewhat inexperienced Moore (12-0) & his management team thought now was the time to get a name scalp on the resume no doubt thinking that Duran was now just a washed up old 30 something pug. Well what a terrible shock was in store for them! Davey Moore was the 4/1 on favorite going into this fight. Duran immediately got down to work by thumbing Moore in the eye leaving him with a dreadful swelling that started to close the eye almost immediately. By the 4th,the terror & brutality was about to begin, Duran said he knew Moore couldn't hurt him, and the onslaught began. The fanatical pro-Duran crowd at ringside cheered & roared as Duran relentlessly punished Moore. By the end of the sixth round, Moore's eye had swollen shut and he was smashed to the canvas near the end of the seventh. Finally the fight was stopped in the eighth round as Moore was taking such a horrific beating, the New York commissioner had to step up onto the ring apron to instruct the referee to call a halt the massacre, Duran won his third world title against all the odds. After the victory, Duran was hoisted up in the air as the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to a sobbing Duran. A most momentous night in boxing history!

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Condition : Excellent / Printed on quality stockcard
Size : 20in x 14in
Price : £700.00

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