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Description : Here we have an original vintage onsite poster from the Las Vegas Hilton for the WBC middleweight Title clash between reigning champion Thomas "Hitman" Hearns vs. Iran "The Blade" Barkley. These bespoke posters from the 80's are unmatched in their artistic individuality, the Las Vegas Hilton for me have always produced the best quality artistically designed posters.

WOW! What a SHOCKER! Bleeding from cuts over both eyes and from his lower lip, with Hearns, the champion hitting him at will, Iran Barkley on the verge of certain defeat as the clock ran down for the 3rd round of his WBC middleweight title fight tonight against the champion, Thomas Hearns. But before the round was over, Barkley landed a dramatic right hand bomb that changed the course of the fight - and his future.

Because of that right hand, Barkley became a knockout victor at 2:39 of the 3rd round of a scheduled 12-round fight and won the WBC middleweight title. The right hand, which landed flush on Hearns's chin, caused the champion to tilt backward, as if in a slow-motion freefall. In that instant before Hearns was about to drop, Barkley gave gravity an assist as he stepped in and drove another right hand to Hearns's chin.

Hearns, with his eyes glassy, rolled to his knees and barely managed to beat the count of Referee Richard Steele. Barkley then drove Hearns into the lower strands of the ring ropes with a left and right, and as he hammered away at Hearns, Steele stepped between the fighters and stopped the fight. Until he landed those two right hands, Barkley had been absorbing a severe beating. With that, Barkley, a 4-1 underdog from the Bronx, had rallied from what appeared, certain defeat, was now the new WBC Middleweight King.

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Condition : Excellent/minor handling wear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 28in x 22in
Price : £300.00
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