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Description : Here we have the official Frank Warren promotion fight night program for the WBO/IBF Super/Middleweight Championships of the World, this took place at the MeM Arena, Manchester, England.

Well, what a performance from Joe Calzaghe, he crushed & humiliated IBF title holder Jeff Lacy, He took the American to school over 12 rounds, the American press made Lacy out to be the next coming of Mike Tyson & that the long reigning WBO champion Joe Calzaghe was a protected home fighter, well the yanks had those words well & truly rammed down there throats. I have never seen such a one sided thrashing at championship level, Lacy was destroyed, but he bravely took the punishment & humiliation right till the last bell rather than be pulled out or quit. Calzaghe landed 1,006 punches on Jeff Lacy during the fight, and when questioned about the possibility of a rematch, he joked that he would get arrested for the kind of beating the match would involve. Judges scores were: | judge: Nelson Vazquez 119-105 | judge: Roy Francis 119-107 | judge: Adalaide Byrd 119-107 all in favour of the now unified champion Joe Calzaghe.

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