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Description : Here we have an original dual signed onsite promotional boxing poster for the WBO world super middleweight championship bout held at Nynex Arena, Manchester, England on 6th July 1996.

Nigel Benn had just lost his WBC strap to Sugar Boy Malinga & the next big money fight was now against Irishman Steve Collins who had defeated Chris Eubank for his WBO version of the Super/Middleweight crown.

The Manchester Arena was packed with vocal fans from both sides of the Irish Sea. Irish fans were expecting Collins to continue his impressive reign, while British fans were hoping that Benn could roll back the years. From the opening round, neither fighter was willing to take a step back. This was not going to be a boxing match for the purists; this was going to be a brawl.

Collins got the better of the opening round but Benn fought back in the second. Collins was also struggling at the beginning of the third round. Benn was having success winging in hooks but as so many of Collins’ previous opponents discovered, it was one thing to catch Collins, it was something else entirely to actually hurt him. Collins took the punches well and came back with some heavy shots of his own.

In the 4th round the wild action continued, but Benn would be the one to pay the price for the ungainly nature of the fight. With just over a minute to go in the round, Benn launched another wild and awkward assault. As he threw his body-weight forward into a punch, he twisted awkwardly on his ankle and tumbled to the canvas. Benn got back to his feet but the damage was done. Collins pounced but Benn was unfortunately in no condition to continue. He turned away from Collins, towards his corner, and the referee accepted this as an indication that Benn could not continue.

This poster has been signed by Nigel Benn & Steve Collins & is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee 'letter of authenticity' from KOfightposters.

These Frank Warren promotions boxing posters were never made available for public consumption, they were only made available to outlets with connections to the promotion.

Condition : Good*minor handling*surface*edgewear*framed for display only*
Size : 35in x 23in approx.
Price : £300.00
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