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Description : Here we have the official onsite boxing fight poster for the undisputed world heavyweight championship title bout, billed as "Clash for the Crown" Atlantic City Convention Centre, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, 16th October 1987.

Only two months prior to his match with Biggs, Tyson had defeated Tony Tucker by unanimous decision to unify all three major heavyweight championships and become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. Though many had hoped this would lead to a match with Lineal Heavyweight champion Michael Spinks, Spinks remained reluctant to face Tyson. As such, Tyson instead chose to face one of his mandatory challengers, 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist Tyrell Biggs, who was undefeated since turning pro. Prior to their fight, Biggs bashed Tyson in the press, boldly stating among other things "He`s never fought anyone like me. I don't know this Tyson the way you guys talk about him. I know Tyson from way back when." Biggs would also promise to use his mobility overall boxing ability against the stronger Tyson stating "He's strong, but his strength will not hurt me. Every fighter I fight is stronger than me, but as the fight goes on, as I use my mobility and boxing ability, strength is no longer a factor. What will he do then?

Well Tyson did plenty! He smashed Biggs to a pulp, Tyson was to say after the fight "I could have knocked him out in the 3rd round but I wanted to do it slowly, so he would remember this night for a long time."

Through the first two rounds, Biggs attempted to ward off Tyson's attack by keeping his distance and throwing sharp left jabs at Tyson while also attempting to use his distinct height advantage to avoid Tyson's power punches. Biggs had a solid 1st round, connecting with over half of jabs while limiting Tyson to only three. Biggs would continue to employ this tactic early in round 2, but Tyson was starting to connect with the big hand & one right hook split Biggs' lip open. By round 3, Biggs had all but abandoned his gameplan and was overwhelmed by Tyson's power, with Tyson eventually landing a strong right hand that opened open a cut around Biggs' left eye. Tyson would continue to dominate in rounds 5 and 6, consistently attacking Biggs with hooks and right hands, though Biggs would survive both rounds without getting knocked down. With 30 seconds left in round 7, Tyson hit Biggs with a left uppercut that sent Biggs to canvas and almost out of the ring. Biggs was able to answer the referee's count at nine. Tyson would continue his assault as soon as Biggs got up and quickly knocked down Biggs again, this time with a left hook, leading to referee Tony Orlando stopping the fight and awarding Tyson the victory via technical knockout & a frightening brutal one at that for poor Tyrell Biggs who was never the same fighter again after that savage hammering at the hands of Tyson.

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Condition : Good*has some handling*surface*edgewear*slight creasing*but not deflect from the fact that this is a very rare desirable poster.
Size : 28in x 22in
Price : £300.00

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