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Description : Here we have an original participating venue closed circuit PPV boxing poster for the 'vacant' IBC heavyweight championship title bout held at the Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 10th June 1995.

Wow what a rock'em sock'em up & down barn burner as Morrison was knocked down once in the 1st round by right uppercut, then Ruddock after being hit with a right uppercut was given a standings eight count in Round 2 as he held onto the top rope for balance. Morrison was wobbled a little bit in the 6th round by left hook.
Ruddock was knocked down once in the 6th round by left hook and suffered 2 standing eight-counts. After this, referee Ron Lipton decided to stop the contest with Ruddock unable to defend himself in his opinion & declaring Morrison the winner by TKO at 2:55 of round number 6 of this 12 round fight.

These closed circuit posters are not made available for public consumption & can only be sourced from a participating PPV outlet hence the scarcity as once the televised event if over, then these posters go straight to skip.

Postage: 10.00 UK Special Delivery... 20.00 International registered signed 4 airmail.

Condition : FRAMED 4 DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY*Good*minor handling* surface*edgewear*
Size : 29in x 20in
Price : £125.00
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