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Description : Here we have an original Don King productions Closed Circuit boxing poster for the rematch held at the Mirage. 28th June 1991. This was the only poster produced for the fight as the Mirage did not put produce one & left it to Kingvision cable outlet

Three months earlier, Tyson and Ruddock, who were boxing's number one and two ranked heavyweights respectively, had fought each other to determine who would next face the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield. Mike Tyson was awarded the victory via a controversial 7th round technical knockout. After Tyson hit Ruddock with a six-punch combination, referee Richard Steele stepped in and stopped the fight despite the fact the Ruddock had not been knocked down and appeared to be healthy enough to continue......Just prior to the rematch the two men publicly expressed their dislike for one another. At a press conference before the fight, Tyson would infamously state how he wanted to kiss those big thick nigger lips of Ruddock and that he would make Ruddock his "girlfriend".

In a hard fought match that went the distance, Tyson ultimately picked up the victory via unanimous decision with all three judges ruling in his favour with one score of 113-109 and two scores of 114-108. Tyson got off to a strong start in round 1 rocking Ruddock & decking him in round 2. It was another brutal foul filled affair with Tyson Having 3 points deducted & Ruddock 1 point both for low blows & fighting after the bell. Tyson would also have the first of three points deducted in round 4 after once again landing a low blow on Ruddock. Tyson would also lose points in both the 9th and 10th rounds for hitting Ruddock with another low blow and hitting him after the bell, while Ruddock would lose a point in the 8th for hitting Tyson after the bell.

In round 11, the two fighters would exchange low blows, but Mills Lane opted not to deduct points, instead warning the two to "knock that shit off". In round 12, Tyson would fight Ruddock aggressively in an attempt to gain the knockout victory, but Ruddock was able to withstand Tyson's attack and survive the fight without any further knockdowns. By the end of the fight, Ruddock's left eye had been swollen shut and his jaw had been broken, while Tyson suffered a perforated eardrum.

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Condition : Good*minor handling* surface* edgewear* creasing to top right hand corner* checkout photos*
Size : 33in x 23in
Price : £125.00
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