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Description : Here we have a fabulous original onsite poster from the Riviera Hotel & Casino, Outdoor Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, for the WBC World Heavyweight Championship on 15th March 1985 for the fight between the reigning & defending champion Larry Holmes up against the number 1 contender David Bey. The undefeated Bey earned his title shot by beating Greg Page by a 12-round unanimous decision to win the USBA title on August 31, 1984. Holmes entered this fight as 4/1 favorite!

Bey went for it all early, the one big punch that would make him a winner in the city of losers. Late in the 2nd round, with Holmes mesmerized by the right-hand freight trains thundering past his head, Bey rocked the champion with a short snapping hook. A shudder surged through Holmes' 223-pound body. A second hook caught him high on the chest. "He got my attention," Holmes would say later. "But you know me, when I get hurt, I just say, 'Hey, let's dance some.'" In the 5th, Holmes turned it into an honest slugfest, and Bey began backing away, pawing with the left hand while gluing his right glove against his chin. Holmes turned back the clock: his jab became the expected jackhammer:

In the 8th, Holmes snapped off two jabs, took a small step to his right and exploded a straight right to the side of Bey's head. A quick hook caught Bey in the back of the head as he was falling. Bey got up, only to run into a savage onslaught that drove him across the ring and dropped him to his left knee, his left arm hooked around one of the ropes. Bey took a second count of eight, but as Holmes moved in, the bell stopped him finishing off his stricken opponent.

Holmes battered his confused quarry in the 9th, and in the 10th, he came out hard, figuring Bey had earned his $130,000. With 30 seconds to go, he drove Bey into a corner, again made that little step and crossed with a hard right. All but out, Bey staggered backward across the ring, only to be trapped in the far corner, where Holmes hammered him at will until Referee Padilla wisely stepped in.

Postage: £10.00 Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Very Good for Age/Minor handling wear & very feint foxing to the top right hand corner.
Size : 28in x 22in
Price : £300.00
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