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Description : Here we have the original official fight promotions poster from Wembley Arena, London, Lennox Lewis vs. Oliver McCall, billed "Whose Moment of Glory", contested on September 24, 1994 for the WBC Heavyweight Championship.

Oliver McCall, who coming into this fight was largely unknown outside of the boxing hardcore when he walked into the Wembley Arena battleground on September 24, 1994 to challenge WBC heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis. But those that knew McCall were aware of his quality, and warned the champion he could be in for a tough night. The American, hard as nails and mad as a hatter, worked for many years as Mike Tysons sparring partner, and claimed to have dropped the fearsome fighter while he was preparing for Michael Spinks. Even so, McCall was made a 5-1 underdog!

Oliver McCall entered the ring in a bizarre state. Legendary writer, Harry Mullan, then 'Boxing News' editor, described the scene: McCall came to the ring in a condition only a shade removed from hysteria. I have never, in 25 years of ring-sides around the world, seen a man more motivated and ready for battle. He was actually weeping with tension and emotion as he strode up and down the side of the ring directly above me, occasionally pausing to punch the corner padding or to stare out unseeingly into the crowd, his face contorted and eyes screwed up as tears mingled with the sweat of his dressing room warm-up.

AS Mullan observed, Men in that state are either very dangerous or very vulnerable. Unfortunately for the Briton, it turned out to be the former. A crowd of 7,000 watched Lewis edge the opening round but the pair exchanged right hands and McCalls seemed the stronger. Even so, Correa sent Lewis out with the instruction; Go out and knock the bum out. It provided a curious taster for disaster. Steward had taught McCall to counter Lewis lazy left, and when the champion amateurishly hung out his lead with his chin in the air, McCall delivered a frightful right hook over the top. Lennox collapsed, glassy eyed, to the canvas.

Referee Jos Guadalupe Garcia began the count. Lewis got to his feet by the time 6 had been tolled but struggled to stand tall. His legs were not reacting well. He hoisted his hands to his chin, in an effort to show he was ready to fight, but the referee did not buy it. He put his arms round the unsteady heavyweight. To experienced ring-siders, it seemed like the right decision. But Lewis protested that the stoppage was premature. McCall, meanwhile, leapt high into the air like a badly trained gymnast. The fight, and Lewis first reign, was over.

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