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Description : Fabulous Exclusive Dual Signed 'Tecate' official fight sponsors poster from the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Another great event, that I was so happy to be in attendance. This poster was obtained from the 'Fight Museum' situated in the Mandalay Bay. These posters had been pre-signed for Tecate as part of the promotional obligations by both fighters. This had to be one of my best 5 day 25/7 blastout's! more than 35,000 flew in from all over the globe to see Ricky go at it with Floyd. Shame about the result but the party atmosphere was heroic.

These 'Tecate' official fight sponsors closed circuit posters are not made available for public consumption & can only be sourced from a participating closed circuit outlet or actual attendance at the event weigh-in or closed circuit viewing hence the scarcity as once the televised event if over, then these posters go straight to skip.

This authentic Floyd Mayweather Jr & Ricky Hatton autographed 'Tecate' official fight sponsors poster from the MGM Grand Las Vegas is accompanied with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity from KOfightposters.

Postage: £10.00 UK Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Excellent/minor edge wear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 26in x 18in
Price : £600.00

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