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Description : Here we have a fabulous official Don King Productions closed circuit poster from Madison Square Garden New York.Trinidad announced a comeback on March 2, 2004.

On October 2, 2004 he fought against Nicaraguan madman Ricardo Mayorga at Madison Square Garden. Early in the 1st round Mayorga was on the offensive connecting several combinations, later in the round Trinidad connected some punches to his opponent's face. Mayorga reacted defiantly dropping his hands as if not impressed, which Trinidad used to continue the offensive during the closing seconds. In the 2nd round he continued connecting with combinations to Mayorga's face which caused him to bleed from his nose, the round concluded with both fighters trading blows. In the 3rd round Mayorga attempted to counter with punches to the body but did no do significant damage to his opponant, however later in the round one of these punches made Trinidad lose his balance and touch the floor with one glove which the referee counted as a knockdown. In the 4th round both boxers traded hard combinations as the expected slugfest took shape. In the 5th Trinidad displayed control of the offense's tempo injuring Mayorga and opening a cut under one of his eyes. This pattern continued in the 6th & 7th round, class began to tell and the cut on Mayorga's face began to swell. In the 8th round Trinidad took over & poared it on in style scoring several knockdowns, Mayorga continued after the second knockdown, but was a spent bullet & got put down again for the 3rd & final time & the bout was halted with Trinidad winning by technical knockout.

On June 4, 2014, Trinidad will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, thus becoming the tenth Puerto Rican to receive such an honor.

These Kingvision PPV posters are not made available for public consumption & can only be sourced from a participating PPV outlet hence the scarcity as once the televised event if over, then these posters go straight to skip.

Postage: £10.00 UK Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Excellent/minor edge wear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 35in x 23in
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