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Description : Here we have the super rare original On-site poster from the per-ultimate fight of Iron Mikes boxing career on July 30, 2004... In June of 2004, Tyson announced his plans to face little-known British heavyweight Danny Williams. Despite taking a 17 month layoff after his previous fight against Etienne, Tyson nevertheless entered the fight as a 9/1 on favorite. The fight was staged in Louisville, Kentucky, Tyson dominated the opening two rounds, The third round was even, with Williams getting in some clean blows and also a few illegal ones, for which he was penalized. In the fourth round however, Tyson would run of gas, neither throwing nor landing as many punches as he had in the previous rounds. With only 25 seconds remaining, Williams would land a long combination on Tyson, which sent Tyson into the ropes and onto the canvas with 10 seconds left. Tyson remained seated on the canvas before finally attempting to get back up as the referee's count reached seven. Tyson was able to get back up, but narrowly missed beating the referee's count of ten. As a result, Williams was declared the winner by knock-out at 2:51 of the fourth round. After the fight, it was revealed that Tyson was trying to fight on one leg, having torn a ligament in his other knee in the first round.

Postage: £10.00 UK Postage... £20.00 International registered.

Condition : Excellent/minor edge wear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 36in x 24in
Price : £145.00

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