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Description : Here we have the original onsite poster from the MEN Arena in Manchester for the UK debut of Mike Tyson. The place was sold out in a flash! Tyson's impending arrival in England caused a stir, as his 1992 rape conviction led to concern as to whether or not Tyson would be allowed into the country. Tyson officially arrived in England on January 16, 2000, where he was met with protests from the feminist women's group, Justice For Women, who hoped to have the decision to allow Tyson in England overturned. Tyson would lash out at his protesters, calling the group "just a bunch of frustrated women who want to be men."

Tyson would dominate the fight, gaining five knockdowns over Francis in a span of four minutes. The first knockdown came with 45 seconds left in the first round. After being backed into the ropes, Francis attempted to throw a right hand, but the attempt missed and Tyson landed a right uppercut that sent Francis down. Francis remained on his knees before finally getting back up at the count of nine. Tyson responded by throwing three consecutive power punches in an attempt to gain the knockout victory, but the punches missed and Francis quickly clinched with Tyson in an effort to slow Tyson down. The two were separated with 15 seconds left and Tyson continued his attack and was able to gain a second knockdown just before the round ended with a quick left hand, but Francis was able to get back up at the count of 7. As the second round began, Tyson continued his assault on Francis and was able to gain a third knockdown less than 20 seconds into the round. Francis again got back up but was knocked down again only seconds later by a left uppercut. Though he was clearly hurt, Francis got up for the fourth time but Tyson quickly ended the fight after another right uppercut sent Francis down. Following the fifth knockdown, referee Roy Francis immediately stopped the fight and Tyson was awarded the knockout victory at 58 second of the second round. The British Champion was so confident of winning he had the national logo of a British daily tabloid "The Daily Mirror" printed onto the soles of his boots so when he got KO'd the logo would be exposed LOL.

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