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Description : Here we have an original onsite poster from the foul filled street fight of a boxing match in Tysons comeback fight after his 15 month suspension for biting a chunk from Evander Holyfields ear in their rematch.....After much speculation over who Tyson would face in his return bout, it was officially announced that Tyson would face former IBF Heavyweight champion Francois Botha on January 16, 1999. Despite his long layoff, Tyson was forthright about his chances of collecting a victory over Botha by way of knockout. Tyson said "I am going right at him and I expect him to go down cold. I expect him to die." Botha also was confident that he could defeat Tyson, claiming that he would earn the victory by way of "seventh round knockout".......

Through the fights first four rounds, Botha both outboxed and outpointed the rusty Tyson. In the first round Tyson had trouble connecting with his punches and Botha was able to dodge most of Tyson's attempts. With 10 seconds left in the round, Tyson was able to get a hold of Botha's left arm. Tyson refused to let go as the round came to an end causing Botha to try to punch his way free from Tyson's grip by using his free right hand. Referee Richard Steele tried in vain to separate the two fighters who were now throwing punches at each other after the bell. Both Tyson and Botha's corners, along with MGM Grand security rushed into the ring and were finally able to separate the two men. The melee caused the beginning of round two to be briefly delayed as Steele issued warnings to both men about fouling. After the warnings, the fight was continued with Tyson coming at Botha with his jab. Botha then clinched with Tyson who again grabbed a hold of Botha's left arm causing Botha to complain to Steele that Tyson was trying to break his arm. Steele issued another warning to Tyson to not twist Botha's arm and the fight continued. Shortly after, however, Tyson grabbed hold of Botha's arm for a third time forcing Steele to again separate the fighters and issue another warning to Tyson. Almost immediately after, the Tyson again clinched Botha, as Steele separated the two, Tyson shoved Botha with his left hand, leading to Steele calling time and deducting a point from Tyson. Botha would continue to fight well, winning both rounds 3 and 4 on the judge's scorecards. In round 4, Botha even taunted Tyson by dropping his arms and challenging him to land a punch. Botha was having another good round in round 5, but with 12 second remaining, Tyson was able to land a short right hand that dropped Botha to the canvas. Botha twice attempted to get up and nearly was able answer Steele's count at nine, but he went right back down and Steele stopped the fight at 2:59 and Tyson was awarded the knockout victory.

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