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Description : Here we have an original Budweiser official fight sponsors boxing PPV poster for the fight billed as "Lewis v Tyson: Is On". This took place on June 8, 2002 at the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, between IBF, IBO and WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and former IBF, WBA and WBC heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The fight was for Lewis' heavyweight championship titles. This fight should have taken place years earlier & Tyson was now just fighting to pay off the IRS & stave off Bankruptcy....

Lewis as expected dominated the older/smaller Tyson by KO'ing Mike in the 8th round, but the real action took place before the fight at a New York press conference which turned into a massive bar room style brawl......Tyson went on stage at the Hudson Theatre and stared in the direction of where Lewis was to appear. As soon as Lewis appeared, Tyson quickly walked toward him and appeared to be about to assault Lewis. One of the Lewis bodyguards attempted to block Tyson's access to Lewis before Tyson threw a left hook in the bodyguard's direction.....The two boxers rolled on the floor with personnel from both camps getting involved......During the melee WBC president Jose Sulaiman claimed to be knocked out when he hit his head on the table. He later filed a US$56 million lawsuit against Lewis and Tyson for injuries caused in the scuffle. Sulaiman claims he was spat on and Tyson threatened to kill him, when he got up after being knocked out.......Tyson later admitted to biting Lewis' leg and had to pay him US$335,000......Following the brawl Tyson came to the edge of the podium, grabbed his crotch and started shouting expletives at someone at the crowd who was later guessed to be either Lewis' mother or a female photographer. Then he overheard freelance journalist Mark Malinowski suggesting that he should be in a straitjacket, which prompted him to issue another profanity-laden tirade, this time directed at Malinowski. He repeatedly referred to the reporter as a "punk white boy" and a "faggot", and punctuated his oration by vowing to introduce Malinowski to the concept of prison romance......The brawl at the press conference for this fight was named The Ring magazine Event of the Year for 2002.

These posters were not made available to the general public & could only be obtained from an official PPV/cable outlet, hence the scarcity.

Postage: 10.00 UK Special Delivery... 20.00 International.

Condition : Excellent/minor edgewear/framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 18.5in x 27in
Price : £85.00
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