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MIKE TYSON vs. TONY 'TNT' TUBBS (Onsite) Type A 

Description : Here we have a super rare official onsite poster from March 21, 1988 for the WBA, WBC and IBF Heavyweight Championships. This poster is one of 3 posters variants produced for the fight at the "Big Egg" Tokyo Arena, Japan. We classify this poster as Type A........

This was Mike Tyson's 1st every appearance outside of the USA in defence of his world title against former WBA heavyweight champion Tony TNT Tubbs........The two fighters fought a close 1st round. Tubbs was able to land several jabs and avoid Tyson's power punches. At the end of the round, one judge ruled in favor of Tubbs 10-9, another gave the round to Tyson 10-9, and the third awarded a draw 10-10. At the beginning of 2nd round, Tubbs again fought Tyson well, being able to land several punches within the first two minutes of the round. However, with 30 seconds left in round 2, Tyson landed a right body short left uppercut combination as Tubbs was against the ropes. Referee Arthur Mercante, Sr then separated the two men and Tubbs, clearly hurt from the exchange, staggered towards Tyson who then landed a right hook to the side of Tubbs head. Tubbs legs gave way and he collapsed to the ring canvas with 15 second left in the round. Almost immediately afterwards, Tubbs trainer Odell Hadley jumped into the ring, causing Mercante to stop the fight at 2:54 and award Tyson the victory via technical knockout.

Postage: 60.00 UK Parcel Force 48... 80.00 Parcel Force International. Contact us for shipping invoice.

Condition : Excellent/dry mounted, ready for frame.
Size : 35in x 23.5in approx
Price : £300.00
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