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MIKE TYSON vs. ALEX STEWART (Cancelled date) 

Description : Here we have the super rare onsite poster from the cancelled September date for Mike Tyson's fight with Alex Stewart.......On February 11, 1990, Mike Tyson endured a shocking upset loss to James "Buster" Douglas that cost him the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. Though he had hoped for a rematch, Douglas instead opted to face the number one contender, Evander Holyfield. As such, Tyson was forced to go down the comeback trail.......Stewart came into the fight with Tyson with a respectable 26-1 record and was taken as a more serious opponent for Tyson than the struggling Tillman. Though the fight was originally set for September 22, Tyson suffered a deep cut over his right eye due to an accidental headbutt from sparing partner Greg Page. The cut required 48 stitches, causing the fight to be rescheduled for December 8........As soon as the match started, Tyson went on the attack and hit Stewart with two right hands, the second of which knocked Stewart to the canvas less than 10 seconds into the fight. Stewart was able to get back up at the count of five and continue the fight, but he was met with a bevy of power punches from Tyson. At 1:05 in the round, Stewart was again knocked down by a right hand from Tyson. This time he got up at the count of eight and referee Frank Cappuccino allowed Stewart to continue. With the three knockdown rule in effect, Tyson would continue his furious assault on Stewart in an effort to get the third knockdown which would give him the automatic victory. At 2:27 in the round, Tyson hit Stewart with a short left hand the knocked Stewart down for the third time, ending the fight and giving Tyson the victory by technical knockout.

Condition : Very Good for Age/Minor handling edge wear
Size : 28in x 22in
Price : £100.00
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