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Description : Here we have a mega rare poster form the momentous 1st fight. This poster is a closed circuit poster from the Sands Casino in Atlantic City. This is one of the Holy grails of boxing posters, to get any poster from this event is a challenge, the onsite poster from Miami is also near on impossible to locate. Not many of any survive in any sort of passable condition.

Who can ever forget the two titanic & brutal battles between these 2 titans of the ring. Arguello had previously won three boxing titles (at Featherweight, Junior Lightweight and Lightweight) and hoped to become the first boxer ever to win world titles in four divisions by adding the Jr. Welterweight title when he challenged the reigning WBA Lt/Welterweight champion Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor..... Billed as the "Battle of Champions"......Both fighters had radically opposing public images. Arguello was suave, sophisticated, and extremely humble about his impressive accomplishments, which garnered him great admiration from both the boxing community and the media. Pryor,on the other hand, was fearsome, intimidating & possessed great talent. The fight was as brutal as it gets, Pryor stopped Arguello in the 14th round.

The end of the fight was controversial. Arguello landed a punch in the thirteenth round that seemed to stun Pryor, and despite trailing on two of three scorecards, Arguello had things tilting in his direction. Between the thirteenth and fourteenth rounds, HBO's microphones caught Pryor's trainer, Panama Lewis, telling cutman Artie Curley, "Give me the other bottle, the one I mixed."

It seemed to revive Pryor. Coming out quickly for the fourteenth round, Pryor landed a barrage of unanswered blows before referee Stanley Christodoulou stopped it. Arguello collapsed to the canvas near the ropes, where he lay for several minutes. Many speculated that there was something illegal in the bottle, but nobody checked the contents and the Miami Boxing Commission failed to administer a post-fight urine test to the boxers. Lewis and Pryor steadfastly denied that there was anything illegal in the bottle.

Artie Curley said that the bottle contained peppermint schnapps to settle Pryor's upset stomach. In a 2009 documentary, former Lewis-trained boxer Luis Resto revealed that Lewis would break apart antihistamine pills and pour the medicine into his water, giving him greater lung capacity in the later rounds of a fight.

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Condition : Very Good for Age/Minor creases in top L/H corner, odd nicks & edgewear that will be coverd when matted down & framed / Framed 4 display purposes only.
Size : 28in x 22in
Price : £500.00

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