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Description : Here we have a super rare closed circuit poster from the Bahamas where this fight was originally scheduled for but changed to Caesars Palace Las Vegas at the last minute.

This was an absolute nightmare day for me, I'm a Duran nut, at that time in 1984 I'd been unemployed for around 18 months along with another 4 million, due to a massive economic recession in the UK. I'd been without electricity for around 12 months & had only just been able to scrape together the £££ to pay off the arrears. So I'm back on stream & 2 days later my hero gets into the ring with Hearns, I sat there with my 1st legit can of ale & waited for Roberto to take it to Tommy. What shocked me was the way Roberto didn't seem at all up for it, this is the man who had just given the great Marvin Hagler fits over 15 rounds, Duran looked bored & soft, not the panama animal of old. What happened next had me heading for the local bridge with a concrete block around my neck & just my luck for the tide to be out!

Tommy Hearns knocked out the legendary Roberto Duran, he became the first boxer to KO Duran, and is seen as his pinnacle achievement, earning him his second Ring Magazine "Fighter of the Year" award in 1984.

I was distraught! Absolutely devastated! could life get any worse! My Hero lying down face 1st & unbeknown to me, my best mate, who's a Hearns fan came around to watch the fight with me & the bastard already new the result, he just wanted to savor my meltdown.

Postage: £10.00 Special Delivery... £20.00 International.

Condition : Excellent/Minor handling wear / Framed 4 display purposes only!
Size : 19in x 25in
Price : £300.00

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