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Description : Here we have a KO Magazine special 8 page fold out poster for the SuperFight of 1987....This fight is still argued about today as to who actually won! The world is split in to diametrically opposed camps, as to what you see & what you like in a fight. But none have been disputed so vehemently as Hagler-Leonard at Caesars Palace on April 6, 1987. With Leonard coming out of a three year retirement prematurely enforced by a detached retina in his right eye - and having boxed only once in the two years before that, Hagler was the 3-1 on favourite to retain his world middleweight title. Leonard's insistence on the new championship distance of 12 rounds instead of 15 convinced Hagler that his celebrated challenger would be short on stamina. What Marvin was not to know, was that Leonard had prepared not only with southpaw sparring but in full-on fights behind closed doors, complete with referee, time-keeper, 10 ounce gloves and no head-guards. The ring rust had been shaken off. So much so that Leonard easily won the first two rounds thanks to Hagler, a southpaw, trying to spring a surprise by starting with an orthodox left lead.

There had been much discussion about the contrast in styles Hagler the big hitting counter-puncher, Leonard quick and elusive with his flashy combinations. But after giving away those opening rounds he reverted to his natural stance from the third onwards. Leonard was accused by some of staging a grand illusion by stealing rounds he did not deserve with attention-catching flurries, the quickness of his hands deceiving the eyes of the judges. Hagler, who was a master at picking off opponents who came forward, was perceived by others as being exposed as a one-dimensional plodder by Leonard's speeding hit-and-run tactics. It was a classic match-up, even if Marvin was slightly past his prime at coming up 32 while Leonard, at 29, had been inactive, at least publicly, for so long.The fight ended with them furiously exchanging punches on the ropes. At the final bell, Marvin Hagler raised his arms in expected triumph. Leonard, exhausted by all his ring movement, sank to the canvas initially but then stood to gesture his claim to victory. Then can the split decision...| judge: Jose Juan Guerra 110-118 | judge: Lou Filippo 115-113 | judge: Dave Moretti 113-115.....Jubilation & uproar!

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